DIY Project – Barn Doors (which saved me over $500)

Boring title…I wanted to make it more exiciting, but I am an engineer and I am not allowed to be too exciting.

Yes, those are not my handmade barn doors in the picture above…but I have included the barn doors that I made in the pictures below:

Double Barn Doors for my Closet
Larger Barn Door for my Bathroom

So yes, the secret is revealed…you can tell what pictures I take and what pictures are stock photos now…the good-quality pictures are stock photos, and the bad-quality ones are mine. Once again, I am an engineer, not a photographer.

I did build these barn doors myself as part of a larger basement remodel project in my house. The two main parts I would HIGHLY recommend are listed below on Amazon:

My snazzy handles: Amazon Link

My snazzy sliding rails and J-hooks: Amazon Link

Long story short, a typical barn door would cost $400+ dollars apiece (don’t believe me? try a quick Google search for “buy barn door”). I was able to build all of mine for right at $200 (including materials, handles, hanging, painting…not included are the blood, sweat and tears that I shed to make it happen). And, full disclosure, I already had some tools to help make it possible that I did not include in that price (drill and table saw, and maybe a father to help me make straight cuts on a tablesaw…)

The plans I based my design off of can be found here: Jenna Sue Design Blog.

I did have a few cost saving improvements to what she used for her doors. My biggest money saving tip revolves around the wood for the doors. The above referenced blog calls for 1″ thick boards, but when I used the dark art called “math” I figured out that I could buy a sheet of 4’x8′ 3/4″ plywood for right at $40. If you have a nice Lowes/Home Depot, you can pay around $0.25 a cut to have them cut the plywood into smaller pieces to make the door. In my case, I had to use a table saw (and the help of my father to get straight cuts) at my house in order to cut down the plywood. All total, I calculated that using the plywood over the 1″ boards saved me over $150.

Once again, I also payed in blood, sweat and tears, but i am very happy with the results. And I still have all my fingers. Merely flesh woods…

Side bar…I really wanted to call this post “I chime in, “Haven’t you people ever heard of closing the barn door, no!” but I thought people wouldn’t get it…old school Panic! right there, and not exactly G-rated…

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