Yes, I watched Hamilton on Disney +.

I would not call myself a “big risk taker.” I would also not consider myself an expert in the wizardy of spelling and grammar either…and that will become very evident in future postings. I tend to play things safe. I have a “traditional” college degree, and I have a “traditional” job. But, at the ripe old age of 30 years I am afraid that if I do not begin taking more risks to try to better myself and my family that I will look back on my life and have several regrets. That is the catalyst that has started me down what I have dubbed “The Road to 1 Million”.

What follows is my thesis statement for this whole experiment. My reasoning is that if I can live off my current salary, while still maintaining a 6 month emergency fund and minimal debt (thanks Dave Ramsey), I can use passive income to raise my $1,000,000 (it will actually need to be a little more of that to make sure I don’t meet the foe that took Wesley Snipes down…because if he can’t win I sure can’t).

My goal is to use this blog track the different sources of passive income that I research and attempt to give an unbiased look at their effectiveness. I acknowledge that what works for others might not work for me, and that is ok; I just need to find my own personal groove.

I am not throwing away my shot.

Miles on the road to $1,000,000: 0 out of 1,000,000

Published by Ethan P.

Ethan is a 30-something that wants to retire early to spend more time with family (like most people). Ethan enjoys talking in the third person, long walks on the beach, pizza, and nerdy things like Star Wars, superheroes, and saving money....but not Clue...Ethan does not enjoy Clue.

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